Thursday, May 29, 2008

fresh out the box one...

memorial rooftop cookout, south bronx stylee.

jello shots are alot of fun.

ahh, charred animal flesh.

nothing says capitalism like red meat and fire!

malibu makes roz smile.

our amazing host, krautkrotch!

liz getting crunk, and felix holding down the flames.

good times!

modnar one

broken by the mailbox

this is t, and he wants to hurt somebody.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

coachella or bust, and how the desert defeated us: entry 3: the final grain of sand in the ass of a large man.

and so on...

so on thursday 4.24 we got to the coachella campground.

from the parking lot to the campsite, on the first trip or three,
i was already hallucinating, seeing mirages of whiskey fountains
and hairy breasted women.

that evening, i had gotten invited to a filter magazine
festival starter party. it was at a secret location, and was being dj'd by super
secret special guests. the party was out of hand. they had an open bar on vodka, which
we all know is bad news for me. i got crunk
i think me and roz stole free red bulls, not sure if that
makes sense, but i was piss ass crunk, dancing like a prick and all that.

good times

the music festival was ill
once you get passed that whole sun soaked heat shit, we had a pretty cool time.
hiding under anything for shade, waiting on lines for showers, questionable port a potties,
and mad water!!!
all in all we saw some cool acts such as
cafe tacuba
aphex twin
adam freeland
simian mobile disco
death cab for cutie

on the last day, we basically drank, and chilled in the pool, i got sunburned.
and then roz says lets go to the arial tram.
the tram was intense.
just to get to the parking lot you have go up two thousand feet, straight up, almost literally.
(i cant front, i almost chickened out, i got over it semi quickly lol.)
then you get on the tram, and it basically goes up another six thousand feet.
this is a picture of us at the top.
getting down was a whole other trip!
the end

Thursday, May 1, 2008

coachella or bust, and how the desert defeated us: entry 2

and so on...

we ended staying at the really chill place
in palm springs.
drove to la, to san diego, yada yada yada
here are some more pics...

the pool and hot tub yo!

got to see the sunset by these crazy huge ass wind mills

there were huge fields of them and the wind was nuts, like knock you down on ur ass

and then i found this...

more later