Wednesday, April 8, 2009

leaving on an avion...

i am out yall!

going to paris, city of lights!

-no french

-no contacts

-and a hefty belly of bust that ass...

should be interesting to say the rest!

artistically, i more than likely will be defacing as much property as possible, and documenting it.

i plan to bring along exactly 5 to 6 rolls of film, that i have saved from years of photo glut...

i intend on coming back with all of them exposed, and yes i mean actual, physical film!

35mm, chemicals, plastic, and all types of tangible positive(negative) glory.

for you naysayers, yes i will have my digital camera as well...yada yada yada



p.s. stay tuned, i am semi lap top ready, and may just be posting from the field mofongo's!