Tuesday, June 30, 2009

emotional diarrhea?

it was a wonderful experience being apart of
the seven collectives first theatric presentation of CLOSER by patrick marber, directed by david king.

it's only the beginning. the first, living workshop, of much more to come.

now that there will be some time between now and the actual full run. i am now left with the chance to start up, revive, ressurect some projects i had been working on.
- photic stimulation
- video mixing
etc etc...

more on that later...

general feeling as of right now.

i woke up this morning feeling as if i was covered in a paper thin membrane of bullshit. not necessarily sweat. more like a metaphysical haze that has me a bit stuck, somewhat trapped. i wouldnt classify it as melancholy, or even sadness. if anything it is closer to frustration. in part of what, i do not know. but i certainly feel it. possible diagnosis, could be complacency in terms of workplace...routine smashing, defeating, and snuffing out excitement, artistic thrills and inspiration...boohooo! poor baby!

looking forward to the three day weekend, fourth of july festivities, and fireworks!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

flashnews...early summer stylee

it's summer...???

fuck all this rain.


i will run it down the line...

-working on documenting the rehearsal process of the first play being put up by the seven collective,
as well as promo art.

-continuing research/reading and compiling of info on flicker, and the way our brain reacts to photic stimulation.

-changing up the way i eat. (more on that after the jump!)

-been searching for my mugshot and criminal record from when i was
arrested a few years back, to no avail as of yet...

-heading to rhode island for me and roz' anniversary this weekend!!!
should be a blast...

trying to eat better, and feel better
nuff said
btw...its working!


Friday, June 5, 2009

bowl cut query...

what is a parent thinking when they decide to give their child a bowl cut??
arent they just setting themselves up for disaster??

don't bowl cuts lead to mullets?
i am pretty sure it is most likely that a child with a bowl cut will...

1. have attention deficit issues.
2. get molested in the basement of their little league coaches house.
3. work at a the quik e mart.
4. wear a cardigan with a name tag on it.
5. become addicted to marlboro reds.