Monday, June 30, 2008

bowel movement 6.30.2008

so, i am at work.

i have my daily coffee, when my tummy begins a rumbling.

i get myself to the bathroom, to get down to business.

as i approach my throne, i see that someone is occupying the stall next to the one i was about to use.

the weird thing was that his shoes were pointed to the side, as if he was just standing there facing the wall of the stall(strange).

so i get down and dizzle, with the doo that was a good one!

the best way i can describe it:

- wet

- loose

- noisy

- ploptastic

those are some of the words that come to mind.


the dude in the next stall, obviously effected by my sounds of nature, sighs and puts on his mp3 player.

guess what he was listening to??

you know what he used to cover up my sploshingly amazing bowel release??
coheed and cambria!!!(lmao)

so now for the next few precious moments,
i get to listen to'a favor house atlantic'!

did i ever tell you that i do not like coheed and cambria??

thats not even the best part.
homeboy, starts singing the song to himself as he exits the stall.

at this point i start laughing.

and then through that space, that sliver of dimension between the gaps of stallness and the mirror, i get a glimpse of this guy.

and yes, i do stare through those, doesnt everybody?
how i would describe this person:

- long dreads

- trucker hat

- chain connected to his wallet(i assume)

- black tight jeans
- studded belt

- fashionable, and also tight hoodie

these are the words that come to mind.

what does he do now you ask?
he begins to straighten his outfit/costume out, while gazing into the mirror and singing along.

at this point i am laughing, dumping/squirting, and almost falling off of the can.

this was just a piece of my morning!