Tuesday, September 30, 2008

27 on the 27th

and so it was...

i turned 27 this past saturday.
and decided to celebrate with two
days of festivities, and a third day
absolutely by mistake.

last friday
i got duped into having a trashy
bday bash at club duvet!
wack ass excuse for a new york night club.
i knew i would hate it.
but absolutely loved the idea of getting all dressed up,
and making a big deal about going to a place i dislike.

the place bit ass.
the bouncers, while molesting my pretty brown ass, almost
found two grams of my favorite party favors.
and the open bar was a jip cause only one bartender
was serving.
still chugged like four free vodka and cranberry's.
the music was horrible.
enjoyed some dancehall ish though.
party favors were up and flying.
shots were had.
wild turkey etc.

the beds were wack.
by half past midnight, i was piss drunk.
and dont recall much.
this evening was fly because of the people who came out.
what happened at the end of the night, is blurry, and
should stay between me and roz. LOL
good times

a few of my closest friends, took me out to eat
raw oysters.
kumamoto's motherfucker.
after that we had numerous beverages
at a blarney stone in hell kitchen.
and then my great friends and incredible girlfriend surprised me
with a show to see
the legendary comic Paul Mooney!
yeah son, nuts.
i think he did a two hour set.

now sunday...
that was on some mistake shit.
me and the roz, on almost four hours
of sleep in two days, we went to
a friend of ours' engagement party/brunch style
at Tosca's.
buffet set up.
good eats.
and unlimited mimosa's!
bad news.
at one point all of the couples friends and family looked
in awe, as me and roz chugged down champagne glasses
and demanded more.
after that everyone seemed to accept the idea of getting
sauced on a sunday afternoon.
which is what we did.
and for sure after we got home,
we continued to drink.

what a weekend!

here are some pics...
there are many more, and i am sure i will be
forced to put some of the others up at a later date.



Yeniar Zurc said...

And that, my friend, is how it is done!

MorTiSha AnaCarNa said...

u need to not shave .. lol

Riz Waffles said...

Awe my special lil guy.