Friday, November 7, 2008


yesterday, a young women with a serious developmental disability stumbled in to
be seen. her mom was with her, and they were in full hasidim uniform.
in a moment of watching this girls mother struggling with her yiddish diaper, i wondered...
is there such a thing as statutory faith!!????

are people forcing their religious belief systems on children before they are even
old enough to shit without wanting to touch it???

is that fucked up

its not that i don't respect said belief systems.
i just find it fishy that they can't let their little mutants
decide for themselves...

they would be heartbroken if little saul became a hindu...
or john paul mormon became an atheist

or worse
if one of these kids, turned 13 and decided to drink babies blood
to gain the power of flight, the parents wouldnt be very understanding of the
left hand path.

shouldnt there be some kind of special hell/heaven for kids who havent decided
what kind of god they believe in...
sort of like a twisted pinata party...everyone is having a blast, but they are
also bleeding from the eyes.

obviously my mom didnt do a good job of raping my beliefs.
god damn pentecostals!!!!
i mean do they really expect a short story book to convince
we have the internetz now kid!

all praise the bandwidth.

i hope this offended somebody.


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isTaLLiK said...

I'm offended!

"left hand path"