Thursday, July 23, 2009

strange moments and other fascinating blowholes...


people really say this, out loud and everything!
i heard some tweeny bopper, scene chick saying that
on the train at 7 am today.

like her life is really that bad...

lets ponder what she has to worry about in her life...

what katy perry song to listen to while her lame
pseudo skater boyfriend tries to fist her with his
new sidekick.

how to convince her dad to give her his credit so she
can go on a shopping spree at hot topic and finally get
that full body twilight nylon stocking.

when to cock tease her therapist into giving her that refill
on xanax and ritalin...

yes, fuck your life!

on a lighter note...

this is a rough panaromic shot(instax 200) of my room...

lets discuss the mise en scene!

on the far right, last supper clock that i have been adjusting/cutting into. blue hawaii beach towel, ridiculously old and cheap entertainment stand, with a gaggle of dusty components and dvd's. christmas lights, a few small random pieces that are still in progress. a big canvas, which was a gift, that i am still working on(more on that in another post).

and to top it all off...

yes that is greys anatomy being played on the tv!

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