Monday, March 31, 2008

boredoms 3.30.08 @ Terminal 5

last night was incredible happening
saw boredoms with soft circle and black pus
caught the last part of the soft circle set
and all of black pus
both one man bands
and both really interesting
black pus wore a cool mask with this wild mic attachment...
all in all two dope openers

then came boredoms, in the round
which basically means they had a mini stage in the
middle of the audience, in the shape of a circle of course.
they were beyond!

it started with eye(band leader), doing this crazy light dance
with a glowing orb in each hand.

they had a primitive power with full on focuse on every
minute detail of the music.

it was like watching a pack of rabid wild animals
conduct a symphony.
intensity in ten cities!

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