Thursday, March 27, 2008

I told you this guy was a rock star

Can I have a candy

You want one?

You need anymore…

Yeah but you are ok.

No no no you give it to us.

You want another one, take it, take it, its not a big deal.

Sunday, wasn’t it Sunday?
It was Sunday when we went out.

Which one??

Who is doing that?

No you are?


Did you do it?

Its better than television.

Well I don’t work anymore what else am I gonna do??

There is a lot of things you can do, you can fix my tub, you can paint my living room, you can straighten up my sink.

So you are sitting around all day.

Yeah no more books.

It was a Hanukkah present.

What does he do??


So he can do it real fast.

Tell him he is gonna lose money.

I will kill him, he wont be able to enjoy the money!

This zipper drives me crazy.

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