Wednesday, April 9, 2008

bill cosby was on to something... by krautkrotch

kids DO say the darn-dest things!

today the psychologist and i were doing a lesson with 4 year olds on feelings. we used a computer and projected large images of children showing different emotions on the wall of the classroom. after showing the image, we had the students tell us what feelings the children were showing, i.e. happy, sad, ashamed etc...

and then asked the students to tell us a situation when they would feel each emotion.well, when we got to the attached pic

... these were some of the responses:

student 1(4 year old girl): That girl is sad.

Dr: Why do you think she is sad?

student 1: She sad because she need to get her hair done.

student 2(4 year old girl): "She cold cuz she wet."

student 3(4 year old boy): That girl is afraid.

Dr. : Good job. When do you feel afraid?

student 3: I am afraid of my grandma room cuz she got bed bugs. My mommy told me not to go in there ... so I have to sleep in mommy's room. Grandma got bed bugs...

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