Tuesday, April 29, 2008

coachella or bust, and how the desert defeated us: entry 1

last monday,

me and roz left for california

for about a week

in that week
we swam in pools, drove to san diego
to see my marine cousin, went to la,
had burritos, got lost on the way to the
hollywood sign, oh and we actually
even had a chance go to the
coachella music festival...

it was a fly trip

i took mad stupid photos...

a lot of which havent been developed and or scanned yet(polaroids)...
so i will start off with some of the digital shots

and as usual for a more in depth set of these pics
peep the myspace b!!

so this is krautkrotch giving me a mullet, ha!

and roz buzzing the rest off, she got a haircut too

and why do you ask did we do that??

cuz the desert is serious!!!!

at the pool, like a jerk



stay tuned for more

because your boy landed at 745 this morning and had to work today

i am zonked!


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