Thursday, August 14, 2008

all points walking festival and why there shouldnt be limits on beer at a music festival.

so me and the gang

(roz, duff, letty, feelix, and krautkrotch) headed to apw last friday.

it was amazing and yet disastrous at the same time.

here is the story, told with bad grammar and phontography(sanbac i c you!).

the day started off well.

me and the riz picked up krotch and feel, all was good.

we were on our way to casa palace for some supplies, when feel realized he had

forgotten his identification. not good considering he is an a illegal.

this snag plus two huge accidents on major highways in the neighbor hood did not help.

so we had to double back, get his id, and then finish loading up the car for the trip.

supplies included:

-pint of bacardi select

-large bottle of malibu-coconut rum, (dont hate!)


-garbage bags(forecast called for rain)



-iced tea

by the time we got to the holland tunnel, we was sauced. nevermind being bummed about missing one of the main acts that made us decide to go in the first place(the go! team).

we parked and rode the fight rail.

when we got there we were a bumbling mix of rum soaked explosives.

once we got there, we made a bee line for the wack ass beer garden.

got wristbanded with those damn five tabbed bullshits. five beer limit. wtf!

well either way, we got crazy in the garden, long hammer style!

saw css, who absolutely killed.

went back to the wack garden and continued , garbage bagged it up for rain protection.

sidenote, if you know its gonna rain and actually care about your cell phone carry a ziplock bag, stupid.

got dried, kept getting drunk.

around this time feel and letts schemed fresh wristbands full of beer tabs, after which feel was very rudely removed from the beer garden for being a dominican plantain abuser.

the beer cops were total douche bags.

feel and krotch left on an angry tirade while the rest of us had to chug our beers to get out of there. did i mention that while this was happening you could hear the dirty sounds of girl talk, and the nasty glory of underworld at the same time. yeah!!

then it was time.


talk about living up to all the hype.


i couldnt believe that i could actually see the band!

words are not enough.

getting home turned out to be the true test.

fuck man, our feets were all in no kind of shape for more walking.

i will spare you more over stated details and just give you the facts(plus i am lazy)...

- light rail line was crazy

- no fucking cabs?!??

- roz' car got towed on some bull shit, and we couldnt pick it up till the next day

- guess where me and roz' house keys were???

- stranded in jersey city

- path train at 1:45am.

- more walking to the two train

- no 2 train service, more walking to the e train

- transfer at times square, more fucking walking!

- lucked out on the five train, not much wait

- got to the bronx, more walking.

- crashed at krotch and feels crib.

- woke up to go to nj and pick up the whip!

you know, when the five train actually went above ground in the bx it felt like we were in

'the warriors'. it felt so great, just to get back to our borough.

fuck man, thats one fucked crazy day!

oh plus the food at the fest was sick, the burgers were being made by some fundraisers peeps, they were beyond tasty, and they were making some shit called butterfly fries!

yummy goodness.

here are some pics, peep the crazy port a potty action yo!


Riz Waffles said...

Oh man! How do u not poop before leaving the house!? Gross Porta potty poop! I went 15 hours with no pooping!

MorTiSha AnaCarNa said...

u shouldnt drink and drive.. u might spill ur malibu.. :-/

rahteeth said...

muah, perfection