Thursday, August 7, 2008

brazilian girls: in store appearance shake down!

and so on...
the brazilian girls released a new album on tuesday, performed two apple in store performances one being a dj set.
yada yada yada
however between the two appearances, they had a party bus filled with fans, drive around the city, with them and us in it.
the first appearance was great very intimate and chill, all new material, fly.
the party bus???
drank a load of beer for free, stole a bottle of red wine, had some pizza goodness,
and some good ass bud goin around.
they were shooting some footage for god knows what.
dont care really. i was more involved with beer i was drinking...
on top of all that they gave us copies of the new cd just for showing up.
drank the stolen wine in front of the apple store while me roz, and a young lady we met on the bus waited.
dj set was decent, except only like six people were dancing.
strange much??


ps...the pic from above was taken by an lg rumor, phontography!!(credit: san bac)

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GB9 said...

I was there!!!... :/
I am your father though