Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i take the 4 train to work

ridership is up by three hundred percent.

this means that twenty minutes into my 45-60 minute ride, its packed.
packed enough that i get rudely disturbed, which ruins my lexington line nap.

so this morning i wake up to an old lady trying to stand on my ankle,
a middle aged puerto rican dude with his spic baby maker way to close to my face,
and a jamaican lady staring directly into my eyes.


what you can't tell by simply seeing this picture...

i was about to vomit, cause i got a whiff of the aforementioned old lady.

she smelled like a dirty omelette.

thats life in the big city!


MorTiSha AnaCarNa said...

u enjoyed it every single minute of it ..

Rene, Jr. said...

dirty omelet is REAL!

Yeniar Zurc said...

wats funny about those crowded trains is that when you talk loud enough everyone in your vicinity hears you. So I like to pass the time talkin about the most ridiculous things if im with a friend, in hopes that everyone will hear and either be offended or disgusted or maybe even interested? Because, honestly, all these people live lives of quiet desperation, looking for what, I dont know?