Tuesday, October 21, 2008


...here is yet another reason why they make me sit at the kids table during
thanksgiving dinner.

so, today has been quite an odd day.
i'm sick, not sure, it might be mad cow.
woke up dumb earlier than i needed to.
i decide it would be smart to watch porn
instead of going back to sleep.
upon arriving at work, i realize that i am
in a giddy/giggly mood.
not in a sweet, cute and cuddly way.
but more like in an embarassing, lecherous
old man fashion.
not good when some commission is
investigating the department you work in.
not good at all.
it certainly allows for some hilarious situations.
for instance...
when someone comes to spot check my work station
and informs me that i cant drink coffee at my desk, instead
of admitting my guilt, i try wholeheartedly to convince them
that i am not drinking coffee, all the while giggling in their
(not good)

for instance...
when a patient begins to complain that they have
been waiting too long, and you decide to try and lighten
things up with a joke about the situation,
something along the lines of "seeing that you got some time, you mind filing these charts?"

or my favorite...
when one of my elderly patients bends slightly to fill
his cup at the water cooler, and basically craps his pants
with a wet thunderous roar, and i start cackling
till i almost pass out.

nobody thought any of this was funny.
not one person.
no co workers, administrators, people standing by.

i will more than likely hear about that whole coffee thing.
i am a fucking secretary.


MorTiSha AnaCarNa said...

check ur dignity and self-worth @ the door.. welcome to corporate america :)

Yeniar Zurc said...

man, this rox. its so true. you should see my clinic. everyone's so gay (gay meaning lame) ((lame meaning no offense to gay folk) (((gay folk meaning everyone lighten the fuck up about everything))). Im with you buddy. So with you.