Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hands all dusty...

goings on goings goings on goings on...


-reading the third book of the dark tower series by stephen king. pretty decent fantasy read. the way king writes can be annoying. almost done with number three and all i can think about is sitting down and rereading some pkd, vonnegut, or william gibson, maybe palahniuk even. i actually havent read this much fiction in a while...

-watching alot of anime, dirty pair, paprika, spirited away etc. at home. still trying to find a bootleg of ponyo in japanese, i dont understand the language but i prefer it...with subtitles of course. also trying to get my hands on the original prisoner series...just saw anti christ, which was incredible, not for the faint of testicle...might peep the new herzog flick tonight.

-still digging for video footage or surgeries while creating my own clips of footage to loop around your skull. good fun! also attempting to create a stroboscopic effect with anal ogue technique as opposed to just creating it in 3d or what have you...that has lead down a road of pointing my camera at the business end of my strobe light...all i have gotten from it is some really interesting light trails, and quite a headache. still searching...!



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