Tuesday, December 29, 2009

last couple days/dreams 12.28.09

so my mom was in town, and she mad a crazy amount of spanish pork goods, which had lead to me and roz suffering from some wild out stomach issues.

so as you would imagine i have been having some ill dreams!

here is a couple that stood out, and that i could remember best.


i was in this crazy forrest area, the trees were huge, and all the animals were alot bigger than they would normally be. for some reason in this land i had to journey to the east, and to do so i had to climb this enormous tree and tear of one of its branches and use it as some kind of talisman of protection. so i do that all the while laughing cuz deep down i can not even comprehend doing anything like that. just as i am done widdling this tree appendage, i get attacked by this forrest goblin with a huge mouth, and he was threatening to eat me. i woke up laughing like a goon!


i am in this crazy big movie theatre, like radio city or the ziegfeld, i am carrying a bunch of concessions, popcorn, soda and the like, the movie is already playing and i am searching for a bunch of children that i was in charge of...i cant find them, and i am getting super anxious about it, when i trip and fall, everything spills all over the place except for one bag of popcorn, as i am getting up and cleaning myself off, i hear laughter coming from one direction, thats when i see patrick swayze laughing at me while he feeds a baby in a high chair in the theatre, as he points and giggles his face off i throw the last bag of popcorn at his face and exclaim "fuck you pattie, your dead anyway asshole!"...and then i start laughing and pointing at him...then my alarm goes off...

Bodhi: If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

RIP Bodhi! i see you in the next life!

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